Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Brian Tracy

It costs nothing but a few minutes to support someone & help make their dreams come true. Our generation doesn’t seem to understand that competing against each other doesn’t get anyone anywhere. You can only go so far being selfish. It doesn’t take much to do something to help someone else. Everything isn’t about money & what a person can do for you. So share that post, watch that video & subscribe to that creator. Your support could change their lives today. If you don’t have anyone in mind? I have a bunch of amazing, talented people who would love your support. Take a few minutes to browse below.

Be good to somebody today.

Coach Wilson, GHS.

Slatt Zy | Tennessee

Whew! When I listen to Zy? He touches my soul. It’s almost like every word coming from his mouth moves me. You can feel the pain in his voice. The hurt in his heart from all the things he’s had to do to survive. A few songs bring tears to my eyes. He gives me vibes that not too many rappers can give. You know it’s real. When it lifts the hairs up on your arms & you get goosebumps. For him to be so young he’s already experienced so much trauma. In his music he’s constantly reminding us of his baby brother. I really feel for him. I understand what he’s expressing in his music & that’s why rn he’s my favorite upcoming artist. Straight out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. This young rapper is incredible & I’m always looking forward to the next drop. People need to hear this young man. He’s definitely bringing you his real life & not hiding anything. Talk to em Slatttt!

They don’t even know what they did to me. Life is just a game to me.

Slatt Zy

tanka | Tennessee

Tanka – No Safety

I’m still tryna find my way I gotta learn from all my mess ups.

Tanka – The Truth

BLando Bandz | ARIZONA

I feel like I do this with no effort.

Blando Bandz
NEW MUSIC! Blando Bandz – Cold Steppaz

The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Tara Brach

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