My gifted name is Nicole. Although, you may have noticed my “pen name” as Sanaa Ali. Sanaa meaning “artwork” & Ali meaning “elevated” I chose this name a little over a year ago to solidify my spiritual awakening and help to remind me of the woman I’m becoming. I am 27 years old & the proud mommy of two little girls. Born & raised in the Volunteer State, Tennessee. I love to spend time listening to my babies talk a million miles per minute, color outside the lines & watch their favorite movies. #GIRLMOMS are the bomb if no one knew already! I am currently pushing toward being my own boss while helping others with establishing an online presence using social media platforms, websites & e-commerce stores. I’m hoping this brings me the life of freedom so that I don’t have to be away from my babies unless I choose to. I possess many great ideas & I am a woman of many talents. I’m a perfectionist but procrastination is my worst enemy. Isn’t it for all of us? It took me forever to start this blog. I’m a serious night owl. It seems to bring my creativity out more vividly. I tend to think more thoroughly & understand my thoughts better but goodness I love my sleep. Please do not wake me up! I love music, reading, & anything artsy. I could go forever with this but you’ll eventually get bored & I don’t want that. There’s so much more I want to show you. Lol. You should stick around a while. It’s going to be a wild ride baby!

Be peaceful. Be at peace.

Sanaa Ali