Welcome To Epiphanyish

I started Epiphanyish as a new way to express my thoughts while on my spiritual journey. Of course I had no clue what I was doing but as someone who writes in a journal all the time I felt it would be natural. I’ve been fond of writing since I was a little one. Writing songs, poems and brief diary entries became an outlet while I was coming up. I used to believe it was just something I loved more as a kid & then I realized how therapeutic it is as an adult. Since this realization, I’ve become more dedicated to putting my emotions in writing rather than keeping them inside. I must say it is a very healthy feeling. I’m hoping I can influence others to live their truth & become the genuine being they crave to be. To help guide you through life obstacles positively & maintain an elevated mindset. Finally, enlighten you of your true potential & persuade you to be the leader you are born to be.