Epiphanyish: The Podcast

Hear Ye! New “Poddy”!

I’m starting a podcast to run along with the website. I’m still fairly new at this. I feel it’s a great idea to start one in relation to the site because they’re pretty much used for the same thing. On the podcast, you can expect the unexpected. Not everybody likes to read long posts or scroll up and down a page and that’s perfectly okay. The podcast is for you! So relax and listen if you don’t like to read, lol. There are billions of things to learn, discuss and lose our minds about and we’re going to do it right here on EPIPHANYISH: The Podcast…


To listen to the future episodes on EPIPHANYISH: The Podcast please take a moment to download Spotify, Anchor and Apple Podcasts. The episodes will be available on either of these platforms and check in to this page for updates on dates & times to tune in.