Message: On The Lookout

Don’t let your fear of what could happen, make nothing happen.


Who just scrolls through WordPress looking for stuff to learn or read. Then boom! You scroll up on a much needed message because you’re always missing out on what life could & should be because of fear. Fear of things that shouldn’t put fear in you. Procrastination hovering so closely. Worrying for nothing & anxious because? It only angers you even more reflecting on it hours later. I needed this so badly. I’m hoping you need it too.

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On The Lookout 👀

Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them…

On the Lookout

Single Until …

The only thing I’m committed to right now is bettering myself.



this was a social media post , i had to bring it to the blog RAW & UNCUT 💯

everybody wants to be in a relationship & i’m just over here like NO! bc of the things i endured & went through myself , that sh— just don’t work for me. i don’t want that type of commitment unless we’re made one in God. & that’s okayyy , y’all don’t understand how it is to date bc y’all CHOOSE ONE PERSON & put all your eggs in ONE PERSON & then be MISERABLE THAN A MF WITH ONE PERSON .. i choose to operate differently BECAUSE I CAN DO THAT .. y’all doing married people sh— & acting like that’s what it is when there’s no significance to it other than you’re in a public relationship. if we aren’t married WE are SINGLE.. You can’t tell me what to do ! You can’t tell me where to go ! You can’t tell me what to wear ! You can’t tell me who to hang with! You can’t control sh— . You can’t make me uncomfortable for being me! You can’t change me! YOU SHOULDN’T WANT TO CHANGE ME! This is also why it’s good to deal with others who have their own sh— & their sh— together! Simply because living together IS NOT A OPTION. you can spend a maximum of THREE days & then you gotta go . Lol just kidding!

There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.

Hannah Gadsby

Y’all been settling for the BARE MF MINIMUM & playin house with these boys & can’t even get a ring 💍 FROM THAT ONE BOY to show for your hard work ALL THESE YEARS . But have the nerve to try to throw shots at SINGLE WOMEN bc we move how we move after we understand our worth. Y’all be so envious & it shows 🤦🏽‍♀️ LEAVE YOUR BOY TOY THEN, don’t be throwin shade at us for LIVING! tf & then y’all be so insecure worried ab if your man is messing with or talkin to other people.. like this sh— is weird behavior. y’all need to find some self love 💕 cuz these boys got y’all head spinninnn , like it’s giving “super weak in the knees” .. whew! you can have all the shade in the world but don’t ever SHADE ME CUZ I’M THE THUNDERSTORM ⛈⛈⛈ TORNADO 🌪 THE RAIN ☔️ WIND 🌬 & all that!

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I scrolled across this & instantly got a sense of relief. I thought that I was the only one who felt like they had to completely cut someone off if or when you don’t associate with them anymore. I’ve always felt like if we aren’t for each other, we just aren’t for each other. I’m not going to sit around fake with you or try to be friendly just because. For the life of me I still don’t understand how some folks are able to befriend people that hurt them or people who have crossed them. We’ll talk about that in another post though. Anyway, there it is. It’s okay to block people, unfriend them, delete them from existence you know if it’s going to help you heal better and handle the situation better. If I’m trying to get over, you? I can’t be your freaking friend. Some folks can be so selfish when it comes to situations like this.

Stuck in Stupid

So, this is what it comes to.

You can’t accept it but it’s true.

You’ve been hurt, again.

An emotion that never ends.

How do you feel?

What do you feel?

Nothing at the moment, numb.

Cold as steel.

Why must you endure this pain

When you just want to love again.

You’ve been trying to hang on, just can’t let go.

Knowing if you hold on? You won’t grow.

You won’t heal. You won’t leave.

Something you cannot feel.

But in reality, you still feel the ill.

They love you. But how could they?

Everything has been a lie,

How could you believe what they say?

You love them, you love them not.

But how can you stop?

Choose you! Why not?!

Money and time.

I’ll take yours for mine.

That a problem? That’s fine.

We might not be intertwined & divine.

Like in my mind.

Maybe we come to one another as signs.

Again, that’s fine. I’m very well cool with it.

But how did I ever become so stuck in stupid.

-Sanaa Ali

Handling Cancers



we tolerate the worst behavior. even when every 🚩 is sitting right in our face , we ignore them ON PURPOSE bc we see the best in a mf , they can’t do nothing wrong . We alienate ourselves from everyone , just to be with you .We let ppl fuck us over on multiple occasions & sweep it under the rug like “ Oh, they didn’t mean it.. “ We’ll give people so much of our energy that when they aren’t around , we beefing or stop responding to text messages & calls it feels like DEATH UPON USSS 💀😢 we began to sulk & walk around in misery .. it’s freaking depressing ! all cuz a mf moving funny frfr WE THAT SENSITIVE . when you fw USSSSS ? ♋️ you have to REMAIN THE SAMEEEEE from day one ! However you acted in them first 2-3 weeks 👏🏽 KEEP THAT ENERGY !
we love the gm messages ☀️
we love the “baby this, baby that” 🥴
we love the checking in & on us 😩
tfff WE LIKE DATES , WE LIKE PARTYING WITH YOU , we love cuddling , we love different levels of intimacy , we wanna get to know you , we wanna understand you , we wanna CONNECT WITH YOU !

y’all afraid of CANCERS ♋️ bc yall don’t be on that shit . y’all catch a CANCER & realize how freaking clingy we are & romantic we can get , how generous our hearts are , it’s scares tf out of you ! Cuz you aren’t capable of returning that energy as freely as a cancerian so you start using a CANCER to your benefit. Sad thing is WE KNOW THIS .. we just try to see if you gonna reciprocate the energy ONE DAY .. 🤔 Y’all switch up how y’all was moving when you first met us & ohhhh when we get to READING YO ASS ??!! & returning energy issa problem 🙄 ONCE WE RETURN ENERGY , it’s over . We shell up & start healing .. You no longer make us depressed , your energy is reflected 💥THEN YALL TURN CRAZY WHEN WE DON’T WANNA FWY NOMO 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️
Y’all can’t handle CANCERS , bc we can’t be handled simply bc WE’RE THE HANDLERS ♋️

Silent Cries ..

depressed ? but don’t want to say ya depressed bc that’s not what it is you feel you don’t think .. but mentally ? you’re done with a lot of shit 🤦🏽‍♀️😪
you just can’t do it anymore & every day it’s weighing in on you … just don’t want to keep going anymore , don’t really care to exist anymore .. you don’t want to do anything , be anything , feel anything . you become soooo tired , You’re sooooooooo tired 😭😭 & nobody knows cuz you gotta fake a smile everyday .
The worst thing a person told me was “ You no longer live for you , you live for your kids “ which is cool I’m all for it BUT am I selfish for wanting ME TO LIVE ? Because I feel like I’m dying yo , everyday , I feel a little weaker , a little slower , piece by piece I’m fading away .. & nobody understands ! they just tell you , you gon be straight.. it’ll be okay .. well ONE DAY ? It won’t be .. & what you gonna say then ?
so if you love me ? Check on me please !
if you care about me ? Check on me please !
if I mean sumn to ya , CHECK ON ME ! That’s all I ask 💯

The Small Stuff

Don’t Sweat It

It’s nights like this that I have to remind myself to stay strong and keep going. I tend to sweat the small things and let them get the best of me. I could tell myself over and over that everything is going to be okay but me not knowing that for sure always puts me at square one… WORRYING! I’m good at telling others not worry about things they cant control but I’m that person that worries about a lot of things I have no control over. I don’t really understand why. Lately, I’m learning to appreciate what I have right now and focus on other things, later. I’ve just been enjoying being thankful.

Be thankful for what you have right now, it could be gone in a few minutes.

Sanaa Ali

Support Costs Nada

Steve Harvey said..

“People who want to see you win, will help you win. Remember that.” I believe this statement, this fact needed to be repeated. A lot of small businesses, influencers & musicians aren’t where they could be & some of that is because of lack of support of people closest to them. Especially in black communities & it shouldn’t be like that. You should want to see someone succeed. You should want the best for your neighbor because you’d want your neighbor to want the best for you. It’s that simple! It doesn’t matter if they’re family or not. It doesn’t matter if someone you associate with doesn’t like this person. It doesn’t even matter if the product or services isn’t for you. It will definitely be for somebody you know though & something as simple as a share goes a long way for whoever & whatever you’re supporting. We got to do better when it comes to supporting one another. Give people credit now. Show them love now. Be supportive now. It hurts like a mf when you feel like your support should be more than what it is from the people that’s closest to you. Most of the time the real support come from complete strangers. It shouldn’t cost a mf to support you. If you genuinely are for something you’re going to show it & you’re going to be about it. Period. Also, stop letting the lack of support stop you from chasing your dreams. Sometimes we get stuck in block land & don’t feel like we can do anything because we don’t have the people rooting for us in the stands. It’s okay . You are rooting for you . You know you’re going to make it. Don’t ever give up your vision or forget your dreams because you have little to no support. You have plenty of support out there & it’s just waiting to embrace you. I’m just wanting to remind everyone of a little humility. It costs nothing to support someone, nothing but a few minutes. Share that post, like that blog, watch that stream, play that song & do whatever you can every day to support your neighbor. That’s why God put us here. Be at Peace

It’s messed up to be put in a position where you constantly supposed to do good. Even when bad is done to you. Somehow we’re just supposed to forgive & forget all the people that wrong us. The ones that forget about you when they get where you helped them to. It took me getting used & taken advantage of so much over the years that I used to feel like the girl in the post. I used to think it would cure my giving problem. Ehh, not really. I still remain the same at heart no matter who does me wrong. If they’re taking advantage of me or using me to their benefit then that’s between them & God. But I ?! I don’t let their wrongness taint my heart from being gold. I’m still going to allow love to find me & karma will deal with the opposition accordingly. What they say? You get used to taking Ls it don’t even hurt anymore.

Is it Insomnia?

It’s getting harder to sleep these days. My mind is constantly going & it seems like it never stops. Even when I’m resting it doesn’t feel like I’m resting because my mind is still going. Now of course our minds keep working while we’re asleep but that’s not the focus here. Some of us can’t rest correctly because our minds aren’t present. Let me make this make sense . You ever lie down to take a nap & 30 minutes later you’re still up. No phone, tv or anything distracting just silence but your brain is LOUD AS F*CK! Squeezing your eyes closed and counting to one hundred hoping by 50 you’ve drifted off but you disappointingly approach 99 & start over. Yeah! That! You can’t rest because your mind is active. When I can’t sleep I feel like it’s the universe trying to communicate with me. When we lie down in our beds at night & prepare to sleep it’s supposed to feel good right ? Sometimes it doesn’t feel good & the universe is trying to tell you why. Maybe I didn’t do something I was supposed to do within my last 24 & now it’s haunting me. Maybe I done something I shouldn’t have & now I’m forced to reflect on my decisions. It could be a number of different things keeping you awake. The hardest part is figuring out what it is that’s troubling you so you can move forward & know how to prevent these things from causing your restless nights. With me, I wasn’t sure what was causing my restless nights & dragging mornings. All I knew is I was prepared to figure out the problem & I have…

They say sleeping is for the dead. While we’re here we have a job to do. A mission that must be completed before we ascend. I can’t sleep at night because I have realized I’m decreasing in value when I sleep. I’m not giving my all to my purpose. I can’t sleep knowing that I could have & should have done MORE throughout the day for MYSELF! We all get exhausted from our daily activities and mothering 24/7 but if we can remain exhausted & worn out from working our butts off for someone else we can very well drain ourselves for ourselves. So now when I find myself complaining about being tired. I’ll remember sitting up all night not being able to sleep. I want more , I crave better so I have to lose out on sleep to get where I’m going.

Make yourself a valuable person.

Rick Ross

Figure out what motivates you & keeps you going. Then use that same will, that same energy to push you to where you want to be & beyond. The only thing standing in front of you reaching your goals is EXCUSES! No more excuses.. CAN’T CASH EXCUSES , you can cash a check though!

She’s More Than Mom!

This morning, I scrolled across this Facebook post & it touched me. Not always will you feel an instant sensation from reading a post but when it’s something you can relate to? You definitely feel it. I felt this post, a cry for help from a young mother. Sometimes things get so bad that you have to go for help. We do need help! Mentally and physically the superhero’s are worn out. Do you know how many times a day I tell myself I need a break not knowing when I’ll get one? We do things like take a hour & a half showers, or stay at the grocery store a little longer , or simply just sit in the bathroom and consider those “ break times”. A mother can appear to be so well put together on the outside & be broken to shards in the inside. We’re FAKE! Believe it or not. We mask every little emotion until the cap is blown off. So when you see that mom yelling & telling her kids to “SIT TF DOWN” at the red light. Just pray for her!

If you are depressed, upset or frustrated and feel helpless, need someone to listen or simply be there to help relieve you from your negative energy please reach out to me..

She smiles so big from ear to ear, You wouldn’t notice the trail from a tear. She hides it so well but she’s not so well. Her heart is hurting & no one cares , there’s no one to tell. Her back hurts, her body is tired, but she has to go to work if not? She’s fired. She can’t complain, She can’t throw fits cause soon as she does she’ll appear unfit to those who don’t fit. Who can she tell who won’t judge , who won’t trip. Won’t squeal & let it slip. Nobody cuz they’ll all think she’s crazy , little do they know she’s only still doing it for the babies. Not much fun, & not much funds, her only focus is on her young . No time to go out, no time to date, it’s to much on her plate , remember those back aches? She’s tired, she’s depressed, she’s hurt, she’s stressed. But she’s never forgetting she’s super blessed. Her young are her ultimate test, she must prepare them for a better living , a better life before she rests ..

Moms remember that you are more than just “MOM”. You are a queen and your happiness matters too. You deserve your time as much as you give your time to others. You deserve some peace. You deserve security and stability. You deserve understanding . You are strong, you are dedicated and amazing. You wake up every morning and give yourself 150%. You make things happen when you’re hurting with a smile on your face. Take a day! Get your nails done, go out to eat, go see a show, whatever makes mom happy. You deserve a MOM DAY! Take it!

Sanaa Ali 💙