The Fortnite Review

Here I will review certain things from Fortnite. It could be any kind of loot, skins & etc. If there’s something you want me to review ? Just send me a quick message .. Bless .

New island flipped on Chapter 3.

NEW LOOT: Shield Keg 🛡

They definitely dropped the ball on us with this new update as well as this amazinggg item to loot now. Meet the “Shield Keg” guys this thing literally can be the difference between a win or lose. It restores your whole squads shield to 100%! Cool right? Like do you know how long we waited for something like this? You can carry up to 2 kegs at a time & you just simply drop them & have a “ foam party “ as my teammates call it .. it’s a YES for me baby!

The Webbers 🕸

THEY’RE FREAKING AWESOME 👏🏽 that’s it ! They can be annoying at times simply because you might be trying to get somewhere quick & your webbers won’t reach but other that that it’s all good notes with the spidey arms .. issa yes from me ✊🏽

Recent Skin Drops 💧

The two most annoying skins of the season so far would definitely be these two. I believe everyone was these two skins at one point. I got so sick of being murdered by bananas you guys it’s embarrassing. Like who tf voluntarily chooses to be a freaking banana. Do not underestimate someone using this skin. I swear I always think it’s a little kid or something & then BOOM 💥 the damn thing starts building & I’m blasted by rounds from a Auto Shotgun .. Holy f—k! It’s a yaynay for me .. I like the girl , hate the bananas man , hate em..

Slide Slippety Slide


Dude! DUDE! Dudeee! So I started off playing WarZone before I played this & one of the main things I used to complain about when playing fortnite was that we couldn’t slide. I was so irritated by that. When I seen in the update that we could now slide you guys I LOST IT! I lost it all right then & there & graduated from WarZone that day .. I haven’t played WarZone since 🤷🏽‍♀️