Handling Cancers



we tolerate the worst behavior. even when every 🚩 is sitting right in our face , we ignore them ON PURPOSE bc we see the best in a mf , they can’t do nothing wrong . We alienate ourselves from everyone , just to be with you .We let ppl fuck us over on multiple occasions & sweep it under the rug like “ Oh, they didn’t mean it.. “ We’ll give people so much of our energy that when they aren’t around , we beefing or stop responding to text messages & calls it feels like DEATH UPON USSS 💀😢 we began to sulk & walk around in misery .. it’s freaking depressing ! all cuz a mf moving funny frfr WE THAT SENSITIVE . when you fw USSSSS ? ♋️ you have to REMAIN THE SAMEEEEE from day one ! However you acted in them first 2-3 weeks 👏🏽 KEEP THAT ENERGY !
we love the gm messages ☀️
we love the “baby this, baby that” 🥴
we love the checking in & on us 😩
tfff WE LIKE DATES , WE LIKE PARTYING WITH YOU , we love cuddling , we love different levels of intimacy , we wanna get to know you , we wanna understand you , we wanna CONNECT WITH YOU !

y’all afraid of CANCERS ♋️ bc yall don’t be on that shit . y’all catch a CANCER & realize how freaking clingy we are & romantic we can get , how generous our hearts are , it’s scares tf out of you ! Cuz you aren’t capable of returning that energy as freely as a cancerian so you start using a CANCER to your benefit. Sad thing is WE KNOW THIS .. we just try to see if you gonna reciprocate the energy ONE DAY .. 🤔 Y’all switch up how y’all was moving when you first met us & ohhhh when we get to READING YO ASS ??!! & returning energy issa problem 🙄 ONCE WE RETURN ENERGY , it’s over . We shell up & start healing .. You no longer make us depressed , your energy is reflected 💥THEN YALL TURN CRAZY WHEN WE DON’T WANNA FWY NOMO 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️
Y’all can’t handle CANCERS , bc we can’t be handled simply bc WE’RE THE HANDLERS ♋️

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