Is it Insomnia?

It’s getting harder to sleep these days. My mind is constantly going & it seems like it never stops. Even when I’m resting it doesn’t feel like I’m resting because my mind is still going. Now of course our minds keep working while we’re asleep but that’s not the focus here. Some of us can’t rest correctly because our minds aren’t present. Let me make this make sense . You ever lie down to take a nap & 30 minutes later you’re still up. No phone, tv or anything distracting just silence but your brain is LOUD AS F*CK! Squeezing your eyes closed and counting to one hundred hoping by 50 you’ve drifted off but you disappointingly approach 99 & start over. Yeah! That! You can’t rest because your mind is active. When I can’t sleep I feel like it’s the universe trying to communicate with me. When we lie down in our beds at night & prepare to sleep it’s supposed to feel good right ? Sometimes it doesn’t feel good & the universe is trying to tell you why. Maybe I didn’t do something I was supposed to do within my last 24 & now it’s haunting me. Maybe I done something I shouldn’t have & now I’m forced to reflect on my decisions. It could be a number of different things keeping you awake. The hardest part is figuring out what it is that’s troubling you so you can move forward & know how to prevent these things from causing your restless nights. With me, I wasn’t sure what was causing my restless nights & dragging mornings. All I knew is I was prepared to figure out the problem & I have…

They say sleeping is for the dead. While we’re here we have a job to do. A mission that must be completed before we ascend. I can’t sleep at night because I have realized I’m decreasing in value when I sleep. I’m not giving my all to my purpose. I can’t sleep knowing that I could have & should have done MORE throughout the day for MYSELF! We all get exhausted from our daily activities and mothering 24/7 but if we can remain exhausted & worn out from working our butts off for someone else we can very well drain ourselves for ourselves. So now when I find myself complaining about being tired. I’ll remember sitting up all night not being able to sleep. I want more , I crave better so I have to lose out on sleep to get where I’m going.

Make yourself a valuable person.

Rick Ross

Figure out what motivates you & keeps you going. Then use that same will, that same energy to push you to where you want to be & beyond. The only thing standing in front of you reaching your goals is EXCUSES! No more excuses.. CAN’T CASH EXCUSES , you can cash a check though!

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