She’s More Than Mom!

This morning, I scrolled across this Facebook post & it touched me. Not always will you feel an instant sensation from reading a post but when it’s something you can relate to? You definitely feel it. I felt this post, a cry for help from a young mother. Sometimes things get so bad that you have to go for help. We do need help! Mentally and physically the superhero’s are worn out. Do you know how many times a day I tell myself I need a break not knowing when I’ll get one? We do things like take a hour & a half showers, or stay at the grocery store a little longer , or simply just sit in the bathroom and consider those “ break times”. A mother can appear to be so well put together on the outside & be broken to shards in the inside. We’re FAKE! Believe it or not. We mask every little emotion until the cap is blown off. So when you see that mom yelling & telling her kids to “SIT TF DOWN” at the red light. Just pray for her!

If you are depressed, upset or frustrated and feel helpless, need someone to listen or simply be there to help relieve you from your negative energy please reach out to me..

She smiles so big from ear to ear, You wouldn’t notice the trail from a tear. She hides it so well but she’s not so well. Her heart is hurting & no one cares , there’s no one to tell. Her back hurts, her body is tired, but she has to go to work if not? She’s fired. She can’t complain, She can’t throw fits cause soon as she does she’ll appear unfit to those who don’t fit. Who can she tell who won’t judge , who won’t trip. Won’t squeal & let it slip. Nobody cuz they’ll all think she’s crazy , little do they know she’s only still doing it for the babies. Not much fun, & not much funds, her only focus is on her young . No time to go out, no time to date, it’s to much on her plate , remember those back aches? She’s tired, she’s depressed, she’s hurt, she’s stressed. But she’s never forgetting she’s super blessed. Her young are her ultimate test, she must prepare them for a better living , a better life before she rests ..

Moms remember that you are more than just “MOM”. You are a queen and your happiness matters too. You deserve your time as much as you give your time to others. You deserve some peace. You deserve security and stability. You deserve understanding . You are strong, you are dedicated and amazing. You wake up every morning and give yourself 150%. You make things happen when you’re hurting with a smile on your face. Take a day! Get your nails done, go out to eat, go see a show, whatever makes mom happy. You deserve a MOM DAY! Take it!

Sanaa Ali 💙

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