A Mother’s Mind

I know it’s hard. I know you’re tired. Tired of being strong. Tired of caring. Tired of acting like everything is all good. Faking smiles everyday is a thing. But faking energy isn’t . Your mind is troubled & heart is sad. Your trust is damaged beyond recovery with everybody. You say “Lord I’m trying “ & keep on going but your patience has worn thin. Focusing & trying so hard not to crash but deep down you believe you already have. What do you do now ? They say be strong & keep going but what they don’t tell you is trying to be strong ALL THE TIME results in rapid weakness ..
BUT Again ☝🏽 we say to ourselves.. “Lord I’m trying .. & I guess I’ll try again ..” all while knowing there’s not even a mustard seed of energy left to “ try again “ ..

being a mother is a gift & also a mental battle … so when you’re sending your blessings to our fellow mothers today .. remember WE TRY .. we try so freaking hard all while under PRESSURE & we don’t get to just walk away . a lot of us deserve this day ..🤞🏽

Happy Mother’s Day .. 💝

HappyQueenDay 🙏🏽 #NeverFold #YouGotThis #MothersDay2021

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