Giving Without Expectation

Growing up we’re taught that if we do good onto others good will come to us. What we weren’t taught is that if you do good with expectations you basically void out your good deed and block your blessings. Another thing we are taught to believe is that ” we’re only human”. This is an insult to what we truly are. We only borrow this shell that we are closed in for our time here on earth. These fragile little things we’re stuck in where we can hurt and be hurt. We are human like but we are definitely more than human. We are one of God’s main creations. We are here with one mission to complete … HELP ONE ANOTHER and LOVE ONE ANOTHER. So when you are helping someone there should be no explanation nor expectation following it. If you’re doing it from your heart and of God’s will you should WANT nothing in return. Blessings are returned a thousand times over if you’re purely giving. Our human nature tends to want us to always receive something in return when we do something for someone else. This is not of our higher power and inner being. We are to love a stranger as if he were our own. We are to help a stranger in need as if it were our own family in need. All while not expecting anything in return. If you do something for someone and you regret it soon after you didn’t give from your heart. You gave with expectations. Learn to expect nothing in return of giving because giving of God is giving with love and complete understanding of why you’re giving. God recognizes these deeds and blesses you because of them. Sometimes that person you helped may not deserve that help from you but that is not for you to decide. Leave that part to God. As long as you give from your heart and without expectation you have fulfilled your purpose.

Let’s Practice

Let’s practice giving without expectations starting today. Pay it forward next time you’re waiting in line for that meal or coffee. Give a homeless man a few bucks to start the day. Buy that crying kid a toy in the line at Walmart. Buy those few groceries for that elderly lady in Kroger. Fill up the person’s gas tank behind you. There’s plenty of ways to give .. Just put some effort and love into it!

” Be good to somebody today! ” -Coach Wilson, GHS

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